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Funny commercial with perverted gamers getting an eyefull of the Dead or Alive XBOX Volleyball game.

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28th August 2014


Mastercard: Blowjob Please? (2.1/5)

23rd December 2004
A good night out with your girlfriend, $75. Getting the nerve to ask for a blowjob, $12. Having a girlfriend whose dad has a sense of humor? Priceless.


Ford Sportka: The Ka's Evil Twin (1.9/5)

23rd December 2004
Ford have realsed new protection methods for their Sportka - This comes into action when a pidgeon flys down towards the bonnet.


Mexican Prank (1.9/5)

23rd July 2005
A guy and his trusty camera man play a prank on a group of Mexican workers with questionable legal status. The ending is worth the wait...


Man vs Bear Fight (1.8/5)

23rd December 2004
This shows how 'John West' goes to all lengths to get the best salmon around! This features a small man, fight a few hundred pound brown bear!


Annoying Singer : Book Smash (1.7/5)

27th December 2004
This annoying singer singing "And i feel" eventually is silenced when she gets a dictionary around her head!


The Ultimate Showdown (1.7/5)

4th January 2006
Only one will survive! Will it be Shack? Godzilla? Indiana Jones? Jackie Chan? No, it didn't make any sense to us either.. *Warning! gratuitous shots of Chuck Norris*


Keyboard Drummer (1.6/5)

24th December 2004
This amazing artist trys to sell a keyboard that can play like a drum kit! He even shows you a preview and a quick tutorial!


Talking Dogs (1.6/5)

24th December 2004
All dogs bark, all dogs walk.. But can all dogs repeat what you say? This bunch can, they can bark sentences on request!


Pop Idols Worst Singer (1.6/5)

27th December 2004
This 'Barbie girl' who works in a 'Chicken Factory' Makes a complete idiot out of himself as he sings Aqua and Tradgedy!


Robot Dancing (1.5/5)

23rd December 2004
Watch this young fellow bust some dance moves!! He can do it all, robot dancing, butter dancing... Maybe he could become pro..


Shadow Puppet Sex (1.5/5)

24th December 2004
A talented individual who can make monkeys from the shadows coming from his hands, and make them mate!


Blonde Antelope (1.5/5)

15th December 2005
This clip proves even Antelope have clueless Blondes.


Numa Numa Dance and Song (1.5/5)

25th January 2006
Here is the original Numa Numa Dance Song. The song is entitled 'Dragostea Din Tea' by the Romanian pop band 'O-Zone.' Lip sync and dance by 'Gary Brolsma.'


Crazy Frog (1.4/5)

23rd December 2004
This frog is seen so much, you can get wallpapers and t-shirts! But, it gets really annoying when you have it as your ringtone


Elmo And Tigger (1.4/5)

23rd December 2004
Who ever knew Elmo and Tigger were so attracted? ... Sexually? "Oh boy, that tickles!" - "Wohohaha"


Idiot in his Car (1.4/5)

24th December 2004
Some men have flash cars and like to show them off to the ladies. Unfortunately, they forget about whats going on around them... like the traffic barrier!


The Battle of Manhood (1.4/5)

27th December 2004
Every boy has to face it, this particular person would like to experience it by getting a ball launched AT his manhood.


Erotic Pony Ride! (1.3/5)

23rd December 2004
Watch this sexy blonde babe get all screamy and excited as she rides and rides till her hearts content... on a...


Slippery Cow Mounting (1.3/5)

24th December 2004
Having sex on ice can be dangerous im sure, especially... Being a cow with the slippery hooves and all.


Bikes Only! : No Cars! (1.3/5)

27th December 2004
This is a reason why remote control cars shouldn't be let on BMX dirt tracks, and attempt going over the jumps!


Peeping Thongs (1.3/5)

30th September 2005
The ultimate attention pullers. A trio of women prove the obvious, with no complaints by any of the men (and women taped).


Peanut Butter Jelly Time (1.3/5)

6th December 2005
If Brian the dog can't cheer you up with the "It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time" song & dance there's no hope...


Mommys Vibrator!? (1.2/5)

24th December 2004
Children are very curious, they don't know when they are playing with their mom's dildo - Pretending its a space shuttle do they?


Nascar Rabbit Smash (1.2/5)

24th December 2004
This is why fences are put around racing tracks, so little little rabbits and other animals dont run on the track in the cars way!


Scared Driver (1.2/5)

24th December 2004
I would be scared myself, if i saw a car with 2 steering wheels. The lady in the passangers seat decides to 'swerve!'
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