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Watch this couple get lovey in a carpark. When you ever do this, please promise youll not do it leaning on a car...

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Blonde Antelope

15th December 2005
This clip proves even Antelope have clueless Blondes.

Snake vs Rat

6th February 2005
Everything needs to eat right? How about catching your meals in a glass box and pouncing on your prey when it least expects it?

Gorilla Eating Poo!

27th December 2004
This disgusting clip shows a gorilla, i'm guessing a rather hungry gorilla - eating its own excrement! Yuk!

Amazing Puppy

27th December 2004
This one of a kind puppy walks all over on her two front paws! Daisy walks everywhere like this, and you never see her on all fours!

Mr Sandman

26th December 2004
Watch this crazy rendition of the sandman song and you'll never want to go near your cat again, or hot women on the beach, scary!

Talking Dogs

24th December 2004
All dogs bark, all dogs walk.. But can all dogs repeat what you say? This bunch can, they can bark sentences on request!

Super Cat

24th December 2004
This cat that had gotten stuck on top of a telephone poll, decides... 'The best way to get down is to jump'

Squirrel Trap

24th December 2004
This is a perfect method of getting rid of thoes pesky squirrels in winter. Fling them off of your balcony with a sping contraption.

Snake Vs Squirrel

24th December 2004
Some of the time, the snake just isn't fast enough for the little squirrel. And it ends up getting away and telling its friends...

Slippery Cow Mounting

24th December 2004
Having sex on ice can be dangerous im sure, especially... Being a cow with the slippery hooves and all.

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